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Ecoflux Shift™ Battery (Non-Backup)

Store and shift power to help you enhance the value of solar. Available in California and Hawaii.

Get the most out of the power you generate

Avoid expensive peak power grid rates

Maximize your potential utility bill savings

We have the Shift you need


Maximize your solar value

Power your home at an affordable and predictable rate, even during peak evening time.


Live life your way

Enjoy your evening routine (washing clothes, cooking dinner, etc.) without worrying about cost spikes.


Control without the headache

Gain control by buying less energy from your utility, without any headache– Shift works entirely autonomously.

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Get solar plus Shift™

Upgrade your home with solar panels and Shift, enjoy expert installation, and gain control over unpredictable rising utility rates.

Have any questions?

Store and shift power to help you save the most in California and Hawaii

When you go solar in California or Hawaii now, your utility rate will be high in the morning, low in the afternoon, and even higher in the evening. With Shift, you can use stored energy during peak hours, so you’re protected against those rate spikes.



What are the power specifications for Shift™? Our Shift home solar batteries have 5kW of power and 9.6-9.7kWh of storage capacity. For additional details, contact your EcoFlux representative.

How does Shift™ come into play with solar in California (NEM 3) and Hawaii? NEM 3 is a new rooftop solar export rate paradigm in California (effective as of mid-April 2023) for PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E customers. In simple terms, it reduces the compensation (in the form of net metering credits) that solar customers get for exporting excess energy to the electric grid. The precise value of this compensation varies with grid demand based on time, day, and month– but is on average approximately 75% lower than it was for NEM 2 systems. The Shift home solar battery helps counteract this by storing your excess energy rather than having it go straight to the grid, and enabling you to use it later to maximize the value of that energy. In Hawaii, there is Smart Export rather than net metering – which means that unused solar energy exported to the grid by homeowners also receives lower compensation value (losing 25-65% of retail value depending on Island and time of export). Shift similarly counteracts this and boosts the value of solar in Hawaii by storing unused energy produced by your panels, which enables your home to use that energy later rather than it being sent straight to the grid.

What is the difference between Ecoflux Shift™ and traditional solar battery storage? There are a couple key differences compared to a standard solar battery system– the main one being that Shift does not provide home backup during a power outage. To unlock backup through outages, enable your solar panels to continue to produce power while the grid is down, and more– we recommend our backup battery options.

How much does Shift™ cost? While you can buy your system outright if you prefer, with our most popular plan– America’s best-selling solar system subscription– Shift will be bundled into your monthly Ecoflux rate. This means you can go solar with Shift for as little as $0 down.

Who can I talk with to learn more about Shift™? Enter your information above and we’ll reach out to you, or you can give us a ring at (978) 259-5006.

What’s the latest utility rate hike in California? In fall of 2023, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a nearly 13% rate hike which increased your PG&E bills starting on January 1st, 2024. As a Ecoflux customer, especially when you go solar with Shift, you’re more protected against rate hikes– now and going forward.

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